The Palm Finance Group


Our company has many and varied resources available to it. This includes Lawyers, Accountants, Credit Management and Business Consultants. We also have extensive expertise in Web Design, Development and Management. Together with our increasing range of Business Services we are able to offer the very best advice and solutions to anybody operating a small to medium business in the UK and Spain as well as individuals and full legal services for specializing in property, wills, probate and company sale and purchase, professional corporate services which include Uk Limited Company registration and formation services for new and developing business as well as;

  1. Taxation services advising clients in income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and purchase tax in both Spain and the UK.                                        

  2. Accountancy services provides corporate clients with book keeping, final account preparation and the submission to both HMRC and the Spanish tax hacienda where applicable.  As a director of a UK Company, and a UK resident for tax purposes, you are required to complete a Self Assessment tax return for each fiscal year. We are able to provide this service for you at a very competitive price                                                                                           

  3. Company secretarial services to include the provision of registered office, the filling of annual returns, maintaining statutory books, dealing with share transfers and company formations.                                                                                                                                                                                    

  4. Debt collection services this is a specialist service available to the managers of Spanish apartment blocks where there is a requirement to collect unpaid community fees, from UK owners of Spanish properties.                                                                                                                                                            

  5. FX (Foreign Exchange) services the company provides a highly competitive FX service from Sterling to Euros and Euros to Sterling. No commissions are charged, the company offers corporate rates.                                                                                                                                                                 

  6. Alternative banking services..Intercash and Interpay .

    There is now no longer a need for UK owners of Spanish property to operate a Bank account in Spain

    As most Spanish property owners have experienced, dealing with Spanish Banks is a nightmare. They charge the earth and make the rules up as they go along, they report all transactions to the Tax office and freeze your account if you die leaving your beneficiaries without access to much needed funds. If you require a company account it gets even harder to open and operate.

    .Intercash prepaid Debit card. Linked to the  highly competitive FX service (Foreign Currency Exchange), you can have a prepaid MasterCard to use in the UK and Spain as well as anywhere around the world that accepts MasterCard including making purchase and Cash withdrawals at any ATM. You can use it like any other debit card; to book flights online, pay for services or purchase items online or in store. Anything you can do with your Bank Debit Card you can do with the INTERCASH debit card and much more. Interpay..This service allows you to deposit funds to meet your bill payments. You can request, online to set up, manage or cancel your  Bill payments via your secure online account. Our associates will then make all DD payments on your behalf from the pre-paid funds held in your  INTERPAY account. So, now you can really say ‘adios’ to your Spanish Bank account and manage your affairs with a professional and competitive company.                                                                                                                                         
  7.  Property Services We now  have a property portfolio valued at more than €3 million and covers investments in residential rental and sales property in the UK and Spain to clients to assist with their property acquisitions, sales or rentals. We provide a no frills, no fuss residential sales service in selling both UK and Spanish homes. Taking the best traditional marketing methods and combining them with the latest technology we ensure we maximise every marketing opportunity for our clients.  Using our skills and experience we offer a first class residential lettings service both in the UK and Spain. Our service offers Landlords that rare combination of professionalism and approachability, which provides them with full confidence in letting their property.            

  8. Property Companies for Sale
    We have for sale a number of properties that are all owned by individual UK Limited Companies and are offered for Sale as part of the company on behalf of clients. This method of purchase has the advantage of saving the Purchaser the 7% / 10% Transfer Tax in Spain. 

  9.  Professional Corporate Services  which include Uk Limited Company registration and formation services for new and developing business.                                                                 

  10. Executor & Trustee services provide a professional, comprehensive and friendly Wills and Probate service at a time when you need it most, including impartial advice, executor and trustee services.

    The preparation of your Will and estate planning can be a daunting task and one which is often put off until the last minute. We are able to assist you with an initial assessment of your requirements and intentions and advise you on the tax and legal implications of your wishes and offer alternative solutions where appropriate.
    The preparation of Wills is overseen by a qualified Solicitor in the UK and a qualified lawyer in Spain. When the time arises to Probate your estate we can offer as much assistance and advice as you require including acting as your Executor and Trustee, if you wish, to ease the burden on your loved ones.

Priding ourselves on a professional, friendly and informative service, you will always receive communications in your native language wherever possible.

Providing solutions to your problems.

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